Farmaesthetics Vapor Bath Elixir





  • A healing elixir for the bath or shower
  • Volatile essential oils warm and heal
  • Ideal for colds or aching muscles

An elixir for body and mind:

This deep herbal soak surrounds the skin with pure healing as it works to relieve and relax tired, aching muscles. Filled with vaporous essential oils, it opens congestion and restores strength to your entire system.

How to use: Place two capfuls into a tub of hot water for a relaxing herbal bath soak. No tub? Scatter some of the elixir on the tub surface and let the hot water create a healing steam on contact.

Hints: Place in a hot basin of water to use as a deodorizing footbath, or in a pan of hot water with a towel overhead for a cold treatment.