EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer Powder




  • Made from Earth Minerals & Non-Toxic Ingredients
  • Fragrance-Free
  • Safe To Use on All Machine Types including HE Machines
  • Works To Remove chemical & malodors from all machine safe fabrics

Get Smells Out From Clothes Safely & Naturally

Every Single Fabric in Your Home: Clean, Fresh, & Odor Free
Our EnviroKlenz laundry enhancer acts as a boost to your normal favorite detergent. Our, patented earth mineral technology attaches to chemical and malodors and neutralizes them on contact. Normal detergent work by masking or slightly reducing the odors but are limited to or kinds of odors that it can remove. Chemical odors mesh themselves deep into fabrics and are sometimes almost impossible to get out using traditional methods and home remedies but that is where the EnviroKlenz technology strives to completely remove and neutralize stubborn odors that normal detergent leave behind.
Maybe your teenage son left his sweaty soccer uniform sitting under a wet towel in his bedroom for a week. Maybe you’ve brought your summer clothes out of storage, only to realize they smell exactly like the plastic box you’ve been storing them in all winter. Or your best friend borrowed your favorite dress, but now it reeks of her perfume. Or you’ve just bought some new curtains, but they’ve got this awful chemical smell that makes you sneeze and that just won’t wash out.

No matter what the situation is, this small but mighty laundry powder is the “magic ingredient” that makes it all okay.

It’s safe to use in any type of washing machine and on most types of fabric.

Safe on: Cotton, delicates, nylon, polyester, spandex, washable lace, washable rayon, washable wool, and any other fabrics the manufacturer deems safe to put through a wash cycle.

Think twice before you use on: leather, satin, silk, dry-clean only

The Specs
30 load canister:

· Soda Ash
· Magnesium Oxide
· Zinc Oxide
· Titanium Dioxide

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