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This is your first step toward natural living.

Our goal is to provide you with insight into some of the best products on the market for a clean, nontoxic lifestyle.

We all usually buy products out of convenience and necessity, but if you really look at what’s inside what you’re eating, wearing, and living amongst you’d be horrified.  Parabens, phthalates, triclosan, triclosan, are all chemicals that are extremely harmful which can be found in most basic household products.

Specifically, synthetic chemicals that come into contact with your skin can cause great harm both short term and long term.  Bed sheets, laundry detergent, and beauty products are household items that come into contact our skin on a daily basis.  The chemicals in these products also come into contact with our skin and are absorbed into our body, which can cause us great harm without us even knowing.

You wouldn’t drink a glass of water that you knew had bleach in it, would you?  Then why would you purchase products with equally harmful chemicals and consume them?  In this life, we are given one body and we should to do everything in our power to preserve that body and keep our health at its peak performance.  The fable of the genie analogy has been made many times before by some pretty smart individuals like Warren Buffet, among others.  It is the idea that if a genie told you that you could have any car you want but it would be the only car you would be driving for the rest of your life; wouldn’t you do everything you could to keep that car running efficiently?  In the same regard, we are given one body in this life, so we must be very cautious of what we consume and what comes into contact with our body because we want this body to run efficiently as long as possible.

Another conundrum is the fact that buying organic products can sometimes break the bank.  We have that on the forefront of our minds and are showcasing products that are advantageous to your health without being disadvantageous to your bank account.

We also have a perspective of the cutting edge as far as fashion and luxury trends.  So the products we will be spotlighting won’t just be the boring, lame products of the past, they’ll be on par with the latest cultural and fashion forward advances.  Avocado ice cream, instead of rice cakes.

Finding these products can be difficult and being aware of what products do not contain harmful chemicals can be time-consuming. At Exist Nontoxic, we take care of the research for you and provide you with the best products on the market for a clean, nontoxic lifestyle for you and your loved ones.


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